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I’ve covered this topic briefly, but now that school is back in session I wanted to go a little more in depth. School lunches can be hit or miss these days when it comes to nutrition. I know they are mandated by the government to be “healthy”, but when I look at my younger children’s menu and for five days it’s: chicken nuggets, pizza, cheeseburger, grilled cheese, and tacos, that’s not exactly my idea of nutritious!

So here are some ideas I use for my kids school lunches:

Bagels & cream cheese – I toast them and spread some cream cheese on them before wrapping them up.

flour tortilla with ham or turkey rolled up. mayo or cream cheese?

cold pizza. I know. Ick. But my kids like it!

chicken patty sandwich. My kids LOVE these. I buy those frozen chicken patties. Heat them in the micro (so they aren’t frozen anymore), slap one between a hamburger bun and wrap it up. They eat them cold!

Finger foods or make your own lunchable. Crackers, cheese, carrot sticks.

pasta salad

macaroni salad

hard boiled eggs

cold chicken

chicken/tuna salad (on a variety of breads, pita, sub rolls, whole grain breads, tortillas, english muffin, hamburger/hot dog rolls, etc)

“sub” sandwiches – lunch meat & cheese w/ lettuce & tomato on a hot dog bun

soup, mac & cheese, spaghetti Os in heated thermal containers

Hot dog in a thermos of Hot Water (to keep it warm) and a hot dog bun w/ ketchup packets (saved from To Go restaurant bags) in a baggie

My kids also like the individual applesauce cups, the colored ones so I bought a bunch of those little gladware cups w/ tops and send then with jarred applesauce w/ a few drops of food coloring added. They love it!

They like those yogurt tubes…if I can get them on sale CHEAP. Sometimes I freeze them so they have a sort of “popcicle” at lunch.

Our kids have to bring water bottles to school (something about the spreading less germs by not using the drinking fountains…works for me). This year we bought water bottles that have freezable inserts so if we want to send juice or gatorade (for after gym) the ice doesn’t dilute it and I don’t have to worry about it not being thawed enough for them to drink it all

TIP: keep the cut up apples (and other fruits) from browning by dipping them in lemon juice (I use the bottle ReaLemon) it really works and it doesn’t make the apples taste lemon-y

I also make homemade hot pockets when I’m feeling particularly ambitious. Pizza, cheeseburger, broccoli & cheese, etc. Recipe to follow 🙂


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